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They are raving about the

Diamond Nail Grinding Bit (DNGB)

'ALL IN ONE' now in 3 sizes

The great tool for the one dog household or the busy grooming salon.

Eighty (80) grit on the barrel and  one-hundred twenty (120) in the oval for finishing. Choice small, medium, or large by size of dog.  Your dogs nails will need to fit in the oval.These precision manufactured tools are light weight, versatile, affordable, flexible, easily cleaned, and a worker for lasting satisfaction.

DNGB  Small      $  15.00 each

DNGB Medium    $  15.00 each

   DNGB Large       $  20.00 EACH

SET of three (3) sizes.  $ 45.00 order by phone 810-724-8615 or EMAIL

   A wonderful replacement for the sandpaper.

Diamond coated carbide wheel

 1/2" diameter x 1/2" length

What they are saying about the ALL IN ONE?

Not only is it more convenient and longer lasting, the oval for finishing the nails is so smooth and does a super job.

I no longer fret over getting a little water on my dogs nails and it cleans easily with water and tooth brush.

The oval finishing feature is so much easier on me and the dog.

I love the diamond tip .  My dogs don't mind it and never had to get use to it. No more sharp toenails!  Karen